About us

HUNUFA VIET NAM Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and importer of single use products for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, plastic packaging and paper packaging. Currently we are supplying some 5 star hotels and most restaurant chains, take-away coffee, milk tea in big cities
 With a staff of enthusiastic, competent, experienced, professional & hard training. These members are constantly researching and updating modern technology to ensure better customer service.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service; highest quality product; and become the leading supplier of plastics on the market we provide.
Our value is measured through the trust of our customers; prestige and ethics in business; It provides a dedicated customer service and a serious responsibility for the environment and society.
HUNUFA VIETNAM is interested in building long-term cooperation with customers and is committed to providing one-time packaging products that are safe for consumers' health and environmentally friendly.
We look for opinions and take your feedback seriously. So, please let us know what you believe we do well and what you believe we can improve.
We will try to respond to your feedback or questions within 24 hours, using the email or phone number you provided us.
Information us:
Address: Lot M19A, Road 7, Hai Son Expansion (Phase 3 + 4), Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province
Sales Office: No.1555 3 tháng 2 St, 16 Ward, 11 District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 028 2253 5736 Fax: 028 2253 7692
Quick order: Admin 1: 0919 685 695 - Admin 2: 0902 456 791 - 0902 806090
Email: sales@hunufa.com

Hotline : 1900 0040

Northern District Branch:
Address: No. 178 Co Linh St, Ward Long Bien, District Long Bien, Ha Noi City
Phone: 0942 373 455 Mr Vy or 0919 685 695 Ms Trinh

Hotline : 1900 0040
Email: sales@hunufa.com